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Make Me Choose: Anon asked Aurora or Ariel?

i would also ask for imagines but im not sure how well that’d go

my feet are covered in blisters this is actual hell




We Californians be like

“Excuse me but your shirt is fucking gorgeous”

“Wow thank you very much! My nanna fucking knitted it for me!”  

“So fucking fetch”

I’m from California and I fucking approve of this shit. 

I’m from California too, and I fucking think this fuckdamn chart is just wonderful, thank you.

Fuck yes, this motherfucking chart is amazing.


I don’t expect fast food to be impeccable service, but c’mon, if I have to ask about food that’s forgotten without even so much as an admittance of what was wrong, then there’s an issue.


I’m going to class so leave me stuff to come home to!!